SH2 Western Hutt Road 11kV Mains Extension

Client: Northpower (Wellington Electricty)

Location: SH2 Western Hutt Road (Petone)

Description: Installation of 2 x 11kV cables across SH2 immediate to the McKenzie Bridge, including installation of anew 500kV sub station inside 41 Western Hutt Road. The project included extensive site investigation with ground penotrating radar (GPR) and Hydro Excavation before installing the 2 x 125mm OD HDPE pipe by Directional Drill. The 2 x XLPE cables were hauled inside ducting and site reinstated to NZTA standards.

Duration: November - December 2016 (1 month)



Holborn Drive Gas Main Renewal Project

Client: Downer (Powerco)

Location: Holborn Drive (Stokes Valley)

Description: This project required the replacement of 6.5km of existing gas network and included:

  • 2.5km of 1x50mm overlaid by directional drilling
  • 3.5km of 1x32mm inserted into existing 50mm pipe
  • reconnecting just over 240 services

Duration: August 2016 - March 2017 (6 months)



Rangatari Road Water Service Renewal

Client: Hawkins Plumbing

Location: Rangatari Road (Tawa)

Project brief was to overlay the existing water within property boundary without excavating into the existing driveway. A single 25mm SDR11 water service was installed (total length of 125m) using a combination of excavator, hydro excavation and directional drilling (ground conditions also included directional drilling in rock) and yes we were able to install the water service without excavating into the existing driveway.

Duration: June 2017 (3 days)



Zetland Road Sewer Lateral Extension

Client: P&N Siteworks (Wellington Water)

Location: Zetland Road (Highbury)

Description: Supplied & installed 1 x 110mm OD HDPE sewer lateral extension under existing footpath and stairs

Duration: August 2016 (2 days)



Akatarawa Road Fibre Overlay

Client: Downer (Chorus)

Location: Akatarawa Road (Upper Hutt)

Description: Replacement of just over 80m of 1x63mm OD ducting for fibre overlay

including installation of 2 manhole (1200x600) installed over existing direct buried fibre

Duration: April 2016 (5 days)

Civil Works

Civil Works

Transmission Gully Directional Drilling Works

Client: TG Project (Wellington Electricity & Chorus)

Location: Takapu Road (off SH1 Tawa Interchange)

Description: Minor works contract for relocation of existing services inside the transmission gully project


  • 1x63mm OD ducting for Wellington Electricity Pilot Cable
  • 1x63mm OD ducting for Chorus 50pr cable

We engaged our rock head for majority of these works

Duration: July - August 2016 (one month)

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